Please take the time to carefully and thoroughly read our terms and policies prior to sending your inquiry and/or placing your order with us. Ordering from our bakery means that you understand our policies and fully agreed to be held to our bakery’s terms and conditions listed below.


All specialty and custom cakes require a full deposit upon placing your order. Payment can be made in person or over the phone.

For wedding cakes, a minimum half deposit can be made. The other half deposit is due 10 days prior to pickup date. In the case of cancellation, deposits are non-refundable.


Though Sugar Butter Flour will aim to recreate your requested design as close as possible to the supplied sample image/idea, there may be some slight imperfections, as well as natural variations with color and design, as our work is entirely hand-made. Please note that since our work is a handmade recreation of the requested design/idea/picture/color, your cake will NOT be an exact carbon copy.  Your request will be interpreted the way our chefs see it best.


A minimum notice of 1 FULL WEEK is required to modify most bakery orders, especially for custom/decorative cakes, cookies, cake-pops, and cupcakes. Such order modifications include, but are not limited to, cake design, size, color, writing, filling, and flavor. Order modifications of any kind past the 1 week deadline will not be accepted.

For wedding cake orders, we require that the order be fully confirmed by 10 days to the date. Order modifications made to the wedding cake past the 10 day deadline will not be accepted. 


All items are final sale – Sugar Butter Flour cannot offer cash or credit card refunds. Sugar Butter Flour can ONLY provide store credit to customers who choose to cancel their order.  For custom cakes, we require a notice of 1 FULL WEEK for the cancellation in order to be able to provide store credit. Cancellations made past the deadline will not receive store credit.

Cake orders that have been fulfilled and not picked up will not receive store credit or a refund. 

Wedding orders are likewise non-refundable after they are finalized. All deposits are final, and store credit cannot be provided in case of cancellation.


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the order is completed to satisfaction upon pickup – therefore, if someone else is picking up your order, please make sure they confirm everything with you prior to leaving the store as they will be confirming the cake on your behalf.

While we highly recommend to have the same person pick up the cake, if you are having someone else do it on your behalf, please make sure they check everything with you prior to leaving the store, as we cannot accept any kind of discrepancies with the cake (such as issues with design/color, writing/spelling, damages to the cake, etc) after the cake release form is signed and the product leaves our store.

Likewise, when a cake is delivered, the person responsible for receiving the cake (whether it is the person who placed the order or someone on behalf of them) must ensure the cake was completed and delivered to satisfaction. Once the delivery person leaves and the release form is signed, Sugar Butter Flour takes no responsibility for any damages or other issues with the cake.


Cakes should always be transported in a car with a cool temperature, and placed on a secure flat surface (such as the trunk or floor of the car), with absolutely NO gaps around the box to risk the cake moving or sliding around in the car. Please note that sharp turns and reckless driving will put your item at risk. We are not responsible for the consequences that occur from incorrectly transporting a cake. 

We also do not take any responsibility for cakes that are incorrectly stored or displayed. Whipped cream, mousse, and custard cakes need to be refrigerated until serving and should not be left out, at an absolute maximum, for more than one hour. Buttercream, ganache, truffle, and cream cheese cakes should be served at room temperature.

Sugar Butter Flour does NOT EVER recommend and highly discourages against displaying cakes in the direct sun. If the cake is displayed outside outdoors, it should be put in a cool, shaded area.  In the case that outside conditions display extreme or high temperatures, please note that this will decrease the display time for the cake – therefore, in that case, the cake should be refrigerated shortly before cutting, or served sooner rather than delayed for later.

No cake should ever be left out directly in the sun. Likewise, cakes should never be displayed or stored above room temperature, especially in humid or hot weather. Failure to follow serving instructions can melt and/or ruin cake taste, texture, design/color, writing, etc, which Sugar Butter Flour does not accept any liability for.

Cake leftovers should be stored and sealed tightly in the fridge after serving to help retain the cake’s moisture and freshness.