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4 Effective Steps for an Amazing Wedding Cake

How to order an amazing wedding cake in 4 simple steps?

1-Surf Among Samples

Each year SBF is trusted by birbes, business owners and many others who like to add value to their ceremonies by a full customized order. You can surf among these samples and get idea. Don’t forget to download or pickup it’s name for us.

3-Premium Services: Ask team to book a meeting with our Experts


Tasting of wine and pattie chocolate pastries.

Our dedicated team from Event Advisors to our Taste Specialitst are ready to meet you in person for tasting and design suggestions.

2- Contact Team

Below each specialty sample you can easily get into our contact page or go to Contact Us. The form takes your Event name, date and you can upload your sample ideas… Our team gets back in 24hours

4-Receive notifications while building your magic!

When our chefs start your magic they send you notifications and update you during the process. Receiving the final design is based on the timing agreements set with you for the best possible satisfaction.




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